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The E-Book Reader Comes of Age

If you looked at an e-book reader previously and found them less than ideal, then try looking at them again. They have definitely come of age. Book download times have reduced, features have increased and the reading experience has come along in leaps and bounds.

Tablet or e-book reader?

Tablet devices have made amazing progress too but tend to be expensive and if you were thinking of replacing your laptop with one then just make sure it can because the consensus is that they are not quite there yet. The e-book reader on the other hand is more directed at reading and it does this in an excellent way. Screens have improved contrast, sizes have reduced as well as weights. Now, many e-readers are truly pocket-able light and easily transportable.

Increasing stock in book libraries

The availability of books available to download is growing exponentially and it is so easy to look around for that previously elusive title in the local book shop. But get this, if you like the classic books such as Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland and Treasure Island, then through a scheme called Project Gutenburg, you can get these free and there are a massive 18m of these available. More than you can read in a lifetime.

Battery life

This is one area that has improved with progressing technology. Take as an example the Kindle 3, this can last for a whole month if used properly. This is a great asset and convenience, especially when on holiday. Tablets have a reasonable battery life too when taking into consideration the amount of features that can be run all at once, including a backlit touch-screen for example.


Cost for an e-book reader will at first glance, seem quite a lot, but when compared to a tablet device then it won’t look so bad. When taking into consideration the cost of one of these devices, look at it like this; you are investing in a reading experience over the long term. It may encourage you or someone you bought it for, to read more. The electronic books that you do download, will be cheaper in the long run than their paper counterparts. No matter how many books you do store, your device will always remain the same weight and dimensions so there are no more cleaning or storage issues. Portability will remain the same.

A green issue?

There is no doubt that the popularity of the e-book reader has increased and it looks like there is a revolution in reading taking place. Once enough people have these devices, then it will start to make a difference to our environment. How? Well it takes millions of trees to manufacture books and newspapers all of which will begin to reduce once the e-book reader gains in popularity. Fuel and pollution will diminish as a result, making for an enhanced environment in the long term.

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